AstroConcepts: a Browser Embedded Astrophysical Dictionary


AstroConcepts is a javascript application that provides definitions of astronomical concepts on web pages. It queries the Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics developped at Paris Observatory. There are almost 10 000 definitions available. The word can be found in English or French and its definition is provided in English.


This script is compatible with the following web browsers : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Apple Safari

Warning : it can not be used on HTTPS pages


1. Installation

1. Add the link to your favorites :

2. Activate it when you need a definition :
Click on the link in your favorites each time your are on a page where you want to use it.

2. Using the extension

Select a word on page with your cursor

in French :

select text in French

or in English:

select text in English

The definition in English will appear next to the word

show definition